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Established in the heart of East Nashville, the experience is like no other. This is not just any ordinary gym, but it is an environment where all members are considered family. We value the perseverance of our clients and their never ending drive to seek the results they deserve.

It takes 80% nutrition and 20% exercise to change your habits and live a healthy lifestyle, hence the name “80/20 Fitness”. As clients embark on their fitness journey, 80/20 Fitness ensures that they are being held accountable each step of the way.

80/20 Fitness is designed to cater to the needs of the client. Offering a variety of services, including and definitely not limited to nutritional guidance, fitness classes, personal training and much more. When following the 80/20 formula, one can sustain a balanced lifestyle year around.

Kevin Bazile

Co-Owner and Fitness Instructor
Exercise Science
Tennessee State University

Founder, Kevin Bazile new Orleans native had a hard time managing his weight during childhood. In and out of playing sports caused his weight to constantly fluctuate. It was not until Kevin moved to Nashville, where he finally began to gain consistency. Kevin had always had a love for fitness, it was his diet that caused inconsistency. He began eating healthier and noticed people were interested in the his secret of seeing great results. Next thing you know, Kevin began to coach people along their personal fitness journey. While attending Tennessee State University, Kevin spent years training clients and observing their habits, routines, and daily struggles. As time passed, he grew to understand the true formula to gaining results; nutrition, exercise, and accountability.

After working at quite a few gyms in the Nashville area, Kevin finally got the opportunity to open a fitness studio where he could practice the true formula to seeing results. Kevin aspirers to change lives and encourage all to live a balanced lifestyle. at 80/20 Fitness, you are bound to receive the stability to help creat a healthier you.

Jade Bazile

Co-Owner / Management                                                                                           Business Administration Management
Fisk University

Jade did not always take fitness and eating seriously, but she always had a passion to start her own business. After graduating from Fisk University, she began to observe her surroundings; took note of unhealthy habits, and thought about her own actions. She decided it was time to change her life in order to change the lives of others. Jade did not only develop a love for health and wellness, she now has a deep passion to share that love to the ever growing Nashville. Partnering with husband, Kevin Bazile, they created an ideal platform that serves the best of both worlds. Our goal is to remind others that eating right and staying active is key to living a balanced lifestyle.

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